There is a characteristic smell that is usually found in products made of natural rubber. However in our mats, the natural rubber smell has been significantly reduced during our mat-making process. We recommend airing the mat for the first few weeks to reduce any of the residual natural smell.

Because the mat is crafted with natural materials, the size could vary by batch. To give you an estimate, the classic sizes of 24 inches wide and 71 inches long is generally expected to weigh 2.3 kg (5.0 lbs) for the Star Mat Wide is 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs).

Our engineered surface holds the rubber to avoid any easy disintegration.

After your practice, you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth moistened with a natural solution of one part vinegar to twenty parts of water.

Natural rubber sap is extracted from the bark of farm-grown trees. Only shallow incisions are made on the bark to ensure the trees have a long and healthy life. The sap is then used to form an open-cell foam yoga mat.

Yes, but you need a towel to absorb the sweat.

Yes, it does.

If you are allergic to natural rubber latex, then we advise that you use this product with caution and ensure that there is no reaction if you expose yourself to the product. The reason that people are allergic to natural rubber and latex is the natural protein in the resin. People can also be allergic to some varieties of food, flowers, and fruits because of the natural protein as well. Natural rubber makes latex in the process of refining, sheeting, smudging, hardening, and vulcanizing. As our natural rubber materials go through high temperature during the process of refining, smudging and hardening, it is almost impossible for natural protein to exist in such conditions, which is needed in the vulcanizing process of yoga mats. Most of the natural protein is expected to be destroyed during this high temperature process.

The scent of new mats is natural scent of the material from the tree. This goes away over time and to expedite it, we advise that you leave the mats out to air for first few weeks of use. In addition, you can use our cleaning methods along with a mild essential oil in the cleaning solution. Check our "Care Methods" for more information on how to clean the mat.

For a deeper cleaning, we advise to use a higher concentration of water and vinegar. For example 10-to-1, water-to-vinegar. You can spray the mats and leave them for 5 minutes, then wipe and leave for drying. This gives the mat a deeper cleaning.